About Us

Our background and history.

Daytona 1

First introduced to the UK by Richard Wos in 1990, the market for high torque, gear reduction starter motors has grown significantly over the years as owners of vintage, historic, classic, performance and race cars have come to realise the numerous advantages of these lightweight, powerful starter motors.

Significant knowledge of the Japanese products upon which the majority of our starter motors, alternators and dynators are based was gained when throughout the 80’s and 90’s Richard Wos was responsible for supplying the Daihatsu, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Subaru’s dealer networks throughout the UK with their rotating electric requirements.

The knowledge gained in 35 years of remanufacturing rotating electrics and supplying the aftermarket has now been passed on to the second generation. Luke Wos having finished his engineering studies took over the production of these units almost 10 years ago and has been increasing the range of applications and products.

With the racer in mind we have designed and developed a wide range of STARTER MOTORS, ALTERNATORS, DYNATORS (alternators disguised as dynamos), DISTRIBUTORS and electric COOLING FANS. From our good value and reliable Lucas based replacement items to our high output and lightweight alternatives.

With over 3,000 units on the shelf no matter what you’re driving WOSP has the answer!

  • All units are produced to BSI ISO 9002 standards.
  • We have a quality system in place which carefully monitors components from suppliers and controls our production process. 
  • All units have their own serial number for traceability.
  • The latest electronic testing equipment is used to control the quality and performance of every product produced. 
  • We pride ourselves on value for money, quality and service.

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