Negative Earth Systems


Negative Earth Systems Only

Fit Dynator (alternator disguised as a dynamo) as a direct replacement for the original dynamo.

Dynator is 100% brand new and outright (no exchange necessary).

Remove the dynamo from the vehicle but the bulkhead mounted regulator can stay in place to keep the engine bay looking original. The regulator will have to be re-wired as below as the Dynator is fully internally regulated. The existing regulator can be now used as a junction box as opposed to a regulator and keeping it in place ensures you can always easily revert to your original dynamo if necessary.

Remove field wire (F) and warning light (WL) from bulkhead mounted regulator and attach together.

Remove charge wire (D) which links the charge (larger terminal) from the dynamo to the regulator and attach to the battery positive feed to create a direct battery positive feed.

This main feed from the Dynator to the battery positive should be capable of carrying a 50amp current as this is what a standard Dynator is capable of producing under a full load.

Ensure there is a good earth between the Dynator and the engine block.

Negative Earth Diagram

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