Starter Motors

Lightweight, high torque, gear reduction.


Are you having problems starting your high compression engines or do you simply want an upgrade? Our range of brand new high output, lightweight, gear reduction starter motors are fully manufactured in-house and are completely adaptable to your individual requirement.

We continue to build specialised units which are not listed, if you have a specialist requirement then get in touch with your nearest or most suitable stockist. We offer a full back up service for all our units; we service them and also keep a full stock of component parts. We are also able to service and rebuild O.E. and specialist items in our fully equipped manufacturing and machining unit.

In the last 20 years over 25,000 of these high performance starters have been supplied to dealers and distributors in the UK and exported to all parts of the world. In addition to where we started manufacturing direct Lucas replacements for 60’s British vehicles the range has continued to grow and units are now available ‘off the shelf’ for a wide variety of makes from 1910-2010.

Our signature high torque units have been based on the Denso conventional offset gear reduction design, but units are now also being produced and supplied with lightweight magnetic field coils and planetary gear reduction, these are known as PMGR. Planetary gear reduction units have an ‘inline’ gear reduction unit with sun and planet gears.

All our starter motors are 100% brand new and built to the highest standards to withstand the rigours of all forms of Motorsport. The majority of our units are based on a high power 1.4kW Denso high torque starter motor which we modify to suit each application and individual requirement.

We have a multitude of pinion gears and mounting flange plates in stock and our universal gearbox housings enable us to obtain any static position. The static position is the distance of which the pinion gear sits in relation to the mounting face of the starter. This is ideally 1-3mm from the closest edge of the flywheel/ring gear. Every Denso starter mounts in a unique circular stepped register which enables it to be spun 360 degrees on its own axis with ease giving the unit an infinite number of mounting positions.

Our Starter Motor Base Model Units

Our WOSP Starter Motors are based on a variety of base model units to provide the perfect unit for your specific installation and requirements.

1.0kW 1.0kW Denso 1.4kW 1.4kW Denso 1.4kW Long Nose 1.4kW Denso‘Long-Nose’
1.7kW 1.7kW Denso 2.0kW 2.0kW Denso 2.0kW AB 2.0kW Denso ‘Ally-Back’
Conventional PMGR Conventional PMGR 2.0kW AX 2.0kW AXIAL ‘PMGR’ 2.3kw Super Duty 2.3kW Denso ‘Super-Duty’